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  1. 表数目

  It is exactly ten oclock.

后来父母就在网上帮我找了一家叫阿卡索的外教培训机构, 这家外教培训机构的老师全部是外教,而且是一对一教学

  It is five miles away from here.

  He is more than/over/at least 20.

  He is under/at most 20.

  2. 表年月日

  He was born on April 22, 1994.

  I was born in 1994.

  She was born on the morning of Oct.1, 1994.

  3. 表年龄

  He is 20 years old/years of age.

  He is at the age of 10.

  4. 表倍数

  It is four times that of last years.

  This is four times as big (again) as that one.

  This is four times bigger than yekwo.comthat one.

  The income is double what it was.

  The output of coal was 200% greater than in 1998.

  5. 表计量

  It is 10 meters long/wide/high.

  It costs me 100 yuan.

  I spent 10 hours to finish it.

  It took me 10 days to finish it.

  It is worth 100 yuan.


  How well he speaks!

  How kind she is!

  What a nice girl!

  What fine weather!

  Here he comes!

  Such is life!



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